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Top 10 Best Gaming Chair in India 2021 For a Gamer

If you are looking for the best gaming chair in India, you have got just on the right page. This article is a gift for gamers and freelancers who spend 12+ hours sitting on their inconvenient chairs. We have sorted out and reviewed the best products that are economical as well as cost-effective. In fact, if you have already planned to buy a gaming chair, this guide will help you a lot. So, let’s dive in to learn more about the best gaming chair in India.

Gaming has been a trend across the globe for the last few years. India contributes a great part to this pace. Obviously, there is a marked increase in the average hours spent in front of the PC. Traditional office chairs are unsatisfactory to provide comfort and good posture for the day-long activity. So, we have worked on a list featuring the best gaming chair in India.

Before discussing the details about the best gaming chair in India, we find it complementary to discuss their importance.

Best Gaming Chair in India- An Overview

Gaming chairs are specially designed for a sedentary lifestyle. They are a great success over the traditional office chairs due to their unique style and ease. Sitting on an office chair for a couple of hours can result in fatigue, obesity, shoulder and back pain. In contrast, with their padded backrest, gaming chairs act as your support system for 15-18 hours sitting activity.

Don’t let “Discomfort” ruin your passionate gaming experience. So, the best gaming chair in India should be your ultimate choice.

Who needs a Gaming Chair?

Well, a gaming chair is a potential need for everyone who wants to have a healthy sitting posture. In fact, the cushions of a gaming chair naturally adjust with the spine’s curve and provide relief. Most of the time people ask, “Do I really need a Gaming chair?” Let us make that simple for you. We have created a checklist for you. So, if you tick any of the points below, a gaming chair is your perfect choice.

  • First off, for gameaholics who have a craze for video games and can spend all day with their PC.
  • Secondly, it’s perfect for freelancers who spend more than 16 hours a day online.
  • Thirdly, it is ideal for YouTubers who face the camera during their vlogging, roasting, and content creation. In fact, renowned Youtubers use racing gaming chairs with neon colors that bring authority to their content.
  • Moreover, they are equally effective for hectic office routines specifically for aged persons. These chairs are available in prime black color with decent designs to go with your workplace’s modesty.
  • Finally, you can gift one to your child who loves to play video games with you.

Top Rated 10 Best Gaming Chair in India

Being unbiased is the core value of any review. Our team has a passion for choosing the best of the best. Hence, we select the best products based on customer reviews and average selling price. Here are our top picks for the best gaming chair in India 2021. So, let’s start the Review:

1. Green Soul Monster Series Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Having more than a 75% 5-star rating and a 3 years warranty, we found it irresistible but to suggest. The Green Soul Monster Series Gaming Chair is the best gaming chair in India to buy in 2021. Of course, you can count yourself lucky if you are able to get one. It’s always short in stock due to its high quality, exclusive discounts, and premium quality.

The best thing about this chair is that it’s available in 5 elegant prime colors. You can go with the color that best meets your needs. Moreover, it has a super comfortable neck and lumbar pillow. The pillows are made of memory foam that mold against your body to provide the utmost ease. YouTubers love this chair due to its brilliant design. You might have seen some of your favorite YouTubers rocking on the same chair. So, we can rightly call this as the best gaming chair in India.

Exciting Features

  • First, the luxurious fabric, intriguing design, and easy assembly are second to none.
  • Secondly, 4D armrests are fully adjustable in 4 directions to give your arms and elbows support like never before.
  • Thirdly it has a heavy-duty metal base and the durable PU leather to compliment.
  • Fourthly, the backrest can tilt up to 180°. Ultimately, it gives you the freedom to enjoy sitting, lying, and even sleeping on your seat.
  • Finally, the premium quality soft fabric allows airflow and doesn’t let heat build-up. Consequently, it solves the biggest problem of gamers, e.g., inconvenient heat.

Some Good and Not So Good Facts


  • ]It has 60 mm PU wheels that are smooth and can be perfectly used in carpeted rooms.
  • Secondly, it has a spacious flat seat that is wider than other chairs. So, you sit cross-legged or any way you want.
  • Monster Ultimate 2021 has improved features, appealing colors, and excellent ergonomic design.
  • It can withstand weight up to 150 kg, and we found that helpful if you worry about your weight.


  • The price is a bit higher, but such premium quality and a 3 years warranty deserve this.

Overall, we will rate it 10/10 due to the absolute prime features and quality of the product. If you are thinking of ordering this chair, trust us, it will be your best investment. It’s absolutely the best gaming chair in India in 2021.

2. Apex Crusader XI Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Having high-quality material and a trendy look, Apex Crusader, is our all-time favorite. That’s why we rank it as the 2nd best gaming chair in India. In fact, it’s the brand that we use at our agency. What we really love about this chair is the comfy backrest. Additionally, it’s made from high-quality PU fabric that is rigid, flexible, and liquid form.

The best feature is the 360° swivel so that you can turn in any direction you want. It’s made from tough Nylon to save it from wear and tear. Besides, you can adjust its height just the way you want. So, anyone in the family can easily use it.

Characteristic Features

  • First off, it is easy to put together with an assembly time of just 10 minutes.
  • Secondly, the headrest pillow makes it the perfect choice for late working hours.
  • Thirdly, the watery texture is relaxing for the body and bears weight. Of course, it gives your lower body a great relief.
  • Next, you have a high tilt control upto 170°. So, you can use it in the reading, resting, and even sleeping position for higher comfort.
  • Finally, it’s functional caster breaks helps it remain steady and withstand the weight.

Some Good and Not So Good Facts


  • It has a durable pneumatic rod to maintain the height level you want.
  • The colors are so vibrant and fresh to revive your energy level.
  • You can ideally set the height to your comfort.
  • This product can withstand a weight of 140 kgs, so you really don’t have to worry about it.


  • Well, the only not so good fact is that it has no warranty. The only warranty you get is the 10 days replacement.

Despite a slight warranty missing, Apex crusader is the best gaming chair India wants.

3. Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-608

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Here comes the third-best gaming chair in India to buy in 2021. Well, the chair comes with a full steel frame that makes it sturdy. Besides, the best feature of the Nokaxus chair is that it has a USB massage cushion that does not let you feel tired. Furthermore, it has a highly comforting footrest that makes it more valuable. Working has become easier like never before with Nokaxus Gaming Chair YK-608.

Its thicker high-density sponge gives you comfort. Moreover, the backrest is wide to ease your sitting experience. Have more fun with gaming while your body enjoys the soothing effects of this fine-quality gaming chair.

Vibrant Features that make it worth the price

  • First, it has water and wear-resistant fabric that makes it more breathable.
  • Second, It is super easy to assemble. Even a child can put up the pieces together due to its lightweight.
  • Thirdly, the 360° rotation makes it convenient for use in the office. You can turn the direction anywhere you want.
  • Fourth it has 2D lifting handrails that are fully adjustable. They are easy to move up and down, much like a lever.
  • Finally, with its level 3 lifting air rod, it can withstand weight upto 165 kg. That’s amazingly the best weight-bearing chair ever you will find on Amazon.

Striking Pros and Cons


  • The footrest is the striking plus point about this chair that every gamer wants.
  • In addition, it has a sturdy design with tech-savvy manufacturing.
  • The chair has wider dimensions, is larger in size than other chairs, and provides greater stability.
  • The best thing is the top-notch customer service that we loved about the product. You can return it within 30 days if not satisfied.


  • The delivery is restricted to certain areas. So, you have to check it out before ordering.
  • Some bolts may start loosening up after some time. So, it needs a bit of maintenance.

These features ultimately rank it at the 3rd position in the best gaming chair in India list.

4. Green Soul Warrior Series Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

With 65% of the 5 Star reviews, Green Soul Warrior Series multi-functional chairs rock the gaming experience. The premium PU leather gives it a luxurious look. Whether you are a gamer or a businessperson, the Green Soul warrior series has the right color for your needs. You get a lit blue color that makes you feel motivated for the game. In contrast, you may find the graceful black a perfect match for your office.

This gaming pro chair comes with a warranty of 3 years. Green Soul is a brand that you can trust due to its exceptional quality products. Again, the backrest can tilt to 180°, making it everyone’s favorite. The height is ideal for the ones falling in the range of 5 feet to 6 feet. All these exciting features subsequently rank it at No. 4th in the best gaming chair in India list.

Characteristic Features

  • First, the Green Soul Warrior chair has a height of 50-53.5 inches. In addition, the seat width is13.3 inches, with a depth of 20 inches in total.
  • Second, the upholstery material is made up of high-quality molded foam.
  • Third, the internal frame is made up of metal with a superb locking tilt butterfly mechanism.
  • Fourth the back reclines, and the comfortable neck and lumbar cushions make it the perfect choice for office use.
  • Finally, the top-quality material and the ergonomic design make it the perfect choice for quality-conscious people.

Striking Pros and Cons


  • The 4D armrests are the perfection indicators of its ergonomic design.
  • The five-wheeler design gives it an aesthetic look.
  • Besides, the dual caster wheels are slip-free, so it can move on any surface.
  • The prime PU Leather material at a highly affordable price is what makes this chair special.


  • It can bear a weight of only 120kg, so if you have a weight more than that, this product is not fit for you.
  • The seat could have been wider for a better sitting experience.

Hence, these features make this chair rank in the best gaming chair in India.

5. Seat Chacha Gaming Chair- The Conqueror

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Seat Chacha is a conqueror like its name. That’s why we have included it in our best gaming chair in India list. With a unique, simple, and sophisticated design, this chair ranks fifth in the list. Of course, we refer to this brand for the most reasonable prices. Furthermore, it has an internal frame material of durable wood. The covering is made up of fine mesh fancied with PVC leather. It has a perfect swivel of 360° that gives you more control over your position.

Moreover, the conqueror weighs just 15 kg, so you can move it anywhere in the house you want. The most compelling reason to buy the chair is the high-density frame that provides the highest stability. With such a pocket-friendly price, everyone can afford a padded, comfortable chair in a final analysis.

Salient Features

  • First, the Seat Chacha Conqueror chair has a height of 34-38cm. In addition, the seat width is 52 cm, with a depth of48 cm in total.
  • Second, the cushioned headrest with an ergonomic design is an outstanding support to your neck, spine, and head.
  • Third, the armrests are wider than any other gaming chair with a comforting design that solace you when tired.
  • In addition, you get a complete 1-year warranty from the manufacturer’s side.
  • Finally, it is easy to assemble, and you get complete customer service with the product.

Stand out Pros and Cons


  • The mesh fabric of the chair is impressive and durable.
  • The head cushion has a watery consistency to provide the utmost comfort to your head.
  • It comes with an adjustable height option.
  • The armrest is super comfy to compliment your working style and gaming experience.


  • It can withstand a weight of just 90 kgs, which is a slightly negative point.
  • The internal frame material is wood, but the public prefers a metallic structure.

These features ultimately rank it at the 5th position in the best gaming chair in India list.

6. Apex Crusader XII MESH Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Have the best gaming experience with the super cool Apex Crusader XII gaming chair. The best thing about this chair is the enchanting 3D triangular cutting that makes it a masterpiece. In fact, it’s a strong reason for its ranking in the best gaming chair in India list. Moreover, its enticing style is perfect for those who love to have a classy chair in their study. This multi-functional chair is an ideal fit for gaming, office, as well as podcasting or freelancing.

Apex Crusader is ultra-flexible, so you can just lean back and relax. The feature that our team loved the most is the retractable footrest that can recline in every position you want.

Features that make it worth the price

  • First, it has heavy-duty linkage engineering that makes it worth the price.
  • Secondly, the hand rests have a comforting sponge that strengthens the wrists while resting.
  • Thirdly, its super flexible ergonomic design makes it the ultimate choice for style and convenience.
  • Furthermore, the ultra-smooth PU coated wheels are the salient features of the chair.
  • Finally, it has a built-in class 4 gas lifter. This pneumatic gas lifter guarantees the long life of the product. Therefore, you can be more confident in your purchase.

Pros and Cons reviewed by the Industry Experts.


  • The durable load-bearing metal base is the unique feature of this chair.
  • Furthermore, the easily retractable footrest comforts your feet while you are resting.
  • The sponge cushions and a breathable PU leather is an addition in the plus points of the product.
  • The 360° swivel and the 155° backrest tilt make it one of India’s best racing chairs.


  • The price is a bit higher compared to the market price. But we must say the chair is worth the price.
  • The chair doesn’t come with any warranty. You can only replace it within 10 days after you get the product.
  • A major missing is a lumbar pillow. Though the chair has an ergonomic design, still it’s the need of the Review, to be honest.

These features ultimately rank it at the 6th position in the best gaming chair in India list.

7. Green Soul Racer Series GS-650

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Presenting you the best new age ultra-stylish, Racer GS-650 that ranks amongst the best computing chairs in India. With more than 47% of the 5 Star reviews, this chair is ready to rock and rule. Of course, the trusted brand of Green Soul brings more confidence in the purchase. This racing chair is the perfect fit for you if you are on a tight budget.

Furthermore, the detachable head pillow is second to none. You can keep it as it is ordetachd it if you want. Moreover, the chair has an ergonomic design. The slits behind the headrest are aesthetically appealing and allow heat removal. In addition, you can easily adjust its height. This racing chair comes with 4D armrests and nylon caster wheels that are high in demand in the market.

Salient Features

  • First, the Green Soul Racer has a height of 48-51 inches. In addition, the seat width is 14.9 inches, with a depth of 18.5 inches in total.
  • Second, while working, you can have some rest by the perfect 15°. You don’t have to make any special settings for that. Just bend a little, and it will automatically tilt.
  • Thirdly it’s made of the high-quality PU leather that gives it a graceful look. Hence, it goes best with the interior decor.
  • Further, the 60 mm Dual Caster wheels make it perfectly portable and appealing as well.
  • Finally, its 4D armrests have a pretty cool 3D texture that adds to its unique design.

Stand out Pros and Cons


  • Well, the 3 years warranty and a 10 days replacement bring confidence in the purchase.
  • It has a large size and is a brand-new invention to fit your today’s needs.
  • The upholstery is made from the durable molded foam. Moreover, the chair has high-quality PVC leather and PU leather covering.
  • It has a weight of just 21 kgs, which makes it easy to carry even on stairs.


  • The maximum weight quality is 120 kgs, which can further be improved.
  • Though the chair has an excellent ergonomic design, the lumbar pillow is missing.

These irresistible features make Green Soul Racer Series No. 7 in the best gaming chair India.

8. Green Soul knight Series Gaming Chairs

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Green Soul is winning the list with its irresistible designs and unbelievable prices. It’s available in the three alluring colors. For instance, red, blue, and white. The premium PU leather gives it a luxurious look. Moreover, its brawny metallic structure is what makes it reliable. With a maximum weight capacity of almost 135 kgs. Of course, the series got its name “knight” for its unbeatable strength.

You can trust this brand to excel in your passion for gaming and work. The seat is large and has a unique design that glorifies its beauty. In fact, the best thing is the unlimited customer support from the seller’s size. These are the sporty gaming aesthetics that are ergonomically designed for the maximum gaming experience.

Salient Features

  • First, the Green Soul Racer has a height of 50.3-53.9 inches. In addition, the seat width is 12.2 inches, with a depth of 20.8 inches in total.
  • Second, the 60 mm PU wheels help in smooth rolling. The 360° swivel makes it best to revolve for utmost comfort.
  • Third, its unique design perfectly meets the needs of gaming enthusiasts and workaholics.
  • Fourth, it comes with a 3 years warranty and a 10 days replacement offer.
  • Finally, it is a pro-gaming chair, literally at the best price in the market.

Some Good and Not so Good facts


  • You can trust buying this chair more than 65% of the 5 Star reviews and positive customer reviews.
  • The headrest and lumbar cushions are highly comfortable. You can easily remove or put them on.
  • As always, the brand ensures 4D armrests that give a perfect finishing.
  • It has a heavy-duty Nylon Base with a sophisticated conventional butterfly mechanism.


  • It has no wheel lock option, so you have to be a bit conscious while using it.
  • The weight capacity could have been a bit better, as it can bear 135 kgs.

These features ultimately rank it at the 8th position in the best gaming chair in India list. This list includes the best gaming chair in India. So, you can choose the one that best complements your budget.

9. Ants e-Sports Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Next in the best gaming chair, India list is Ants e-Sports gaming computing chair. The high-quality ultra, comforting foam boosts your gaming experience. In addition, the covering is formulated with high-quality PU and PVC fabric. The unique patterns on the chair have a touch of the intriguing 3D digital designing. Hence, it is a perfect choice for gamers who want to keep everything unique. The wide slits at the back are so designed to prevent heat build-up. Ultimately, it provides greater support to your shoulder region and prolongs your working hours.

The base has a composition of prime quality metal coated with radiant silvery paint. Moreover, the backrest is highly adjustable and can tilt around 135°. The product comes with a well-elaborated manual, and you can easily assemble it in 20 minutes.

Characteristic Features

  • First off, customers highly admire their unique style. The color combination and the 3D design is a powerful reason to buy.
  • Second, the Ants ESports racing chair has a height of 78.1 cm. In addition, the seat width is 32.2 cm, with a depth of 66.4 cm in total.
  • Thirdly, it has a high-density foam with a built-in mechanism to withstand and distribute weight. Hence, it saves the lower body from fatigue and soaring.
  • Furthermore, it is just 18.5 g in weight, so even a kid can push it to take anywhere.
  • Finally, it has an 80 MM class 2 gas lift so that you can modify the height according to your table’s position.

Stand out Pros and Cons


  • The price is amazingly customer friendly. So, you can easily buy it even if you are on a strict budget.
  • The handles have a cushioned covering to give rest to your wrists while doing work.
  • The head pillow is adjustable, and you can also remove it when you want.
  • The wheels have a stunning design and work smoothly.


  • Though the chair has a built-in pressure bearing system, it can barely withstand 120 kgs.
  • You don’t get a definite warranty with this computing chair.
  • The chair is missing a high in demand lumbar cushion.

These features ultimately rank it at the 9th position in the best gaming chair in India list.

10. BestOffice Massage Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair in India 2020
Best Gaming Chair in India

Last but strictly not the least is BestOffice’s massage chair. The chair is specifically renowned for its built-in massager that helps get rid of your back pain. No matter you’re addicted to gaming or are a workaholic, this gaming chair is the right choice. Now you can spend more time in front of your PC when you have the right word partner.

With more than 66% of the 5-star reviews, this chair is ruling the customer’s heart. Having a highly reasonable price makes it stand out from the crowd. Equally important is that you have to rush if you want to buy this chair. Due to its high demand, the chair is always short in the stock.

Characteristic Features

  • First, the BestOffice massage chair has a full-size seat. The dimensions are so engineered to fit the needs of a high-quality gaming chair.
  • Second, the super comfortable seat has good padding, so it doesn’t remain painful anymore to sit for hours.
  • Thirdly, it has a perfect 360 degrees swivel. In addition, the backrest has a tension-free tilt of up to 125°.
  • Finally, the USB massage lumbar cushion is the ultimate need of your sedentary lifestyle.

Pros and Cons


  • It has a commercial, extra thickened, gas lift for convenient height settings.
  • In addition, the durable caster wheels are ideal for mobility in the office.
  • It’s super easy to assemble. So, you can install it anywhere you want.
  • The chair has a heavy-duty metal base, and it can support up to 250 lbs.


  • The arms are not adjustable, meaning they are immovable.
  • There is no defined warranty on the sales page.
  • The chair has a somewhat narrower width, so a healthier person has to be more conscious.

This chair ultimately ranks 10th on the list featuring the best gaming chair in India.

Best Pick- The verdict of a Strong Analysis

Well, our team analyses every product, we suggest, much like a critic. We thoroughly go through every single detail of the product that we suggest. In fact, responsible analysis demands extensive research. So, here comes the most exciting part of the review. The top pick for India’s best gaming chair is none other than Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair.

This chair has all the features to be rightly regarded as the best gaming chair in India. The ergonomic design, the unbeatable quality, the persuading features, and the alluring colours make it worth the price. You don’t buy racing chairs every now and then. So, be very careful about the choice as you buy it once in a lifetime. Even if the chair is a bit pricey, the features comply with it. Hence, the Green Soul monster series is rightly the best choice and, of course, the best pick by our team.

End words by the Writer

Pick up the right chair that suits your needs. Say “Hello” to “Good Health.” No more frustration while you do work or play games. So, if you have made up your mind to shop for a gaming chair, you can go with these products. We have tried our best to provide a complete guide for our readers. It helps you buy exactly what suits your needs and budget. Honest Review providing authentic information about the product is the need of the time. Simply, it makes shopping easier and more fun. That’s an absolutely unbiased review of the best gaming chair in India.

In the end, we are very hopeful that this guide would answer all the queries in your mind. To sum up, we have a team of Industry experts who research the best products for you. We are always busy selecting and reviewing the product that best meets the demands of the readers. This best gaming chair in India is one such effort.

You can always reach out and ask about your problem in the comment section below. Our team members will always be happy to help!


Which is the best gaming chair in India?

Many gaming chairs are exceptionally high in quality. But obviously, the credit for India’s best gaming chair goes to Green Soul Monster Gaming Chair.

What to look for when buying a gaming chair?

Well, according to excerpts opinion, the most important things to note while buying a gaming chair are:
It’s ergonomic design and dimensions. Physical comfort should be your priority.
Take a keen look to check the upholstery and the base material. For instance, high-quality PU leather makes great sense.
Always go for a gaming chair having a backrest and head cushion.

Which is the best gaming chair in India under INR 10,000?

With a unique, simple, and sophisticated design, Seat Chacha Gaming Chair is the best chair under INR 10,000.

Can I use a gaming chair in the office?

Of course, you can. A gaming chair is the best choice for use in offices. As you have to work for prolonged hours in the office, so nothing can beat its comfort.

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