Gaming Chair India Gaming Chair 6 Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000: Ultimate Comfort & Value

6 Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000: Ultimate Comfort & Value

6 Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000: Ultimate Comfort & Value post thumbnail image

Gaming chairs have become increasingly popular, and for good reason. As gamers, we understand the challenges of sitting for long hours while playing our favorite games. The discomfort and pain that can arise from using a regular chair are all too familiar. That’s why investing in a quality gaming chair is essential. Unlike ordinary chairs, gaming chairs are specifically designed for comfort and support, allowing us to focus on our gameplay without the distractions of physical discomfort. To help aspiring gamers and YouTubers, we have handpicked a list of the best gaming chairs under 20000.

Why are these gaming chairs necessary? Well, the need for them is evident when we consider the experiences shared by successful YouTubers and gamers. They have attested to the transformative impact of gaming chairs on their performance. By minimizing back pain, headaches, and other discomforts associated with prolonged gaming sessions, these chairs enable players to elevate their gameplay and excel. It’s crucial to address the potential health issues that can arise from improper sitting during long hours of play, such as Spondylitis, cervical problems, and headaches.

Our curated list of the best gaming chairs serves both gaming and official purposes, ensuring optimal comfort and support. While they may appear slightly expensive, it’s important to view them as a long-term investment. If gaming is your passion or potential career path, these chairs are well worth considering. We invite you to explore our list and share your valuable feedback on our website, as we are always eager to learn from our community.

6 Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000

1. Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair – Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000
Green Soul Monster Ultimate Series T Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair
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Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair, a top-quality gaming chair that delivers unmatched comfort and support. This chair is a favorite among gamers and has earned its reputation as one of the best gaming chairs in the market. Designed for gamers who spend long hours seated, the Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) ensures optimal comfort throughout your gaming sessions.

The chair features a soft and supportive foamy cover that offers the perfect balance of comfort and ease. With a commitment to maintaining high standards, Green Soul ensures precision and superior craftsmanship in the construction of their gaming chairs. The latest edition of the Green Soul Gaming Chair guarantees an unparalleled level of ecstasy and solace, providing you with an exceptional gaming experience.

The Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) comes with a range of impressive features that enhance your gaming setup. It is available in a stylish blue color with a solid back design, complementing any gaming environment. The upholstery material combines Spandex fabric and PU leather, offering durability and a luxurious feel. The chair can recline up to 180º, allowing you to find the perfect angle for relaxation.

The seat is made of molded foam, providing a flat and spacious seating area for maximum comfort. The carbon texture 4D armrests offer flexibility and adjustability to support your arms and wrists during intense gaming sessions. Additionally, the chair includes a neck/head support pillow and a lumbar pillow for excellent back support.

With a Deer mechanism, heavy-duty metal base, and an upholstery material that uses the best-in-class fabric, the Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) is a multi-functional chair that exceeds expectations. It also comes with a 3-year warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring your peace of mind.

Experience gaming in ultimate comfort and style with the Green Soul Monster Ultimate (S) Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair. Elevate your gaming setup with this top-rated chair that combines superior craftsmanship, advanced features, and a commitment to providing you with the best gaming experience possible.

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2. Green Soul® Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic & Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000
Green Soul Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair
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Green Soul is a renowned brand known for its exceptional gaming chairs that have earned the trust and admiration of many users. With a range of budget-friendly options, the Vision Multi-Functional Ergonomic Gaming Chair stands out as one of their finest creations under 20000. Crafted with leather, this gaming chair offers unparalleled comfort and is designed to meet the needs of professional gamers. With a generous 3-year warranty, 4D armrests, and high-quality mechanisms, it is an excellent choice for gamers on a budget.

Green Soul® Vision: Best Gaming Chair Under 20000


  • The spacious and flat seat of this chair ensures absolute comfort, with foam that provides exceptional support and soft, luxurious fiber. Whether sitting cross-legged or resting, you’ll experience unparalleled comfort.
  • The chair features adjustable and padded 4D armrests, designed to provide a soft grip and optimal positioning. These armrests can be adjusted in four dimensions: left and right, angled left and right, front and backward, and up and down.
  • Built with a sturdy metal frame, the chair boasts exceptional build quality. The upholstery material, PU Leather, offers a comfortable seating experience, while the neck and head pillow, along with the lumbar pillow, made of Velour material, ensure maximum comfort and support.
  • You can rock the chair up to 15 degrees, and the backrest can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees. The chair features a class 4 gas lift and a heavy-duty metal base, highlighting its robust construction.
  • The chair is equipped with memory foam, and the seat is made of molded foam. With 60mm caster wheels and a weight capacity of up to 120kg, this chair accommodates users of various heights and weights without compromising comfort.
  • The seller provides a generous 3-year warranty. The product is made in India and can be easily assembled by the user, or assembly services can be requested from the brand.


  • The lumbar pillow lacks a strap, which is the only drawback of this otherwise outstanding gaming chair.
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3. Misuraa Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000
Misuraa Imported Xenon High Back Ergonomic Chair
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The Misuraa Imported Xenon Ergonomic Chair stands out as one of the top gaming chairs available under a budget of 20000 rupees. This mid-back chair is meticulously designed to provide maximum comfort during gaming sessions. Built with high-quality materials and featuring an aluminum base, it ensures durability and longevity. The Korean mesh upholstery ensures a consistent premium feel, allowing you to enjoy the same level of comfort every time you use it. With its unique design and exceptional comfort, this gaming chair is a worthwhile investment for those looking to enhance their gaming experience.

Misuraa Imported: Best Gaming Chair Under 20000


  • This versatile gaming chair can also be used as an office chair, thanks to its adjustable features. You can customize the lumbar support height, seat height, armrest position, headrest, backrest, and tilt tension to find the perfect seating position for your comfort.
  • The breathable foam and fabric offer excellent ventilation, combating the heat and humidity often experienced during long gaming sessions. The sweat-resistant, breathable mesh allows for better airflow, ensuring a cool and comfortable seating experience even during extended use.
  • The chair is easy to install, with simple instructions provided in seven easy steps. You can easily assemble the chair on your own, and the brand is available to assist you in case of any difficulties.
  • Designed with adjustable lumbar support and a recline feature, this chair is ideal for individuals with back issues. Whether used for gaming or office work, it provides support to the lower and mid-back, alleviating pain and discomfort.
  • The Xenon gaming chair is made of high-quality materials, with a weight capacity of up to 140kg. It features a sturdy nylon mesh seat and a robust aluminum base, complemented by heavy-duty caster wheels for easy mobility. Overall, this gaming chair offers exceptional build quality.


  • Some users have reported a minor issue of producing sound when the chair is revolved or moved, which can be slightly bothersome. However, considering the overall value for money and the chair’s excellent features, this minor drawback can be overlooked.
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4. BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000
BAYBEE Drogo Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Gaming Chair
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The BAYBEE Drogo Ergonomic Gaming Chair is a versatile and multipurpose chair suitable for both office and gaming purposes. It offers adjustable features and a mesh fabric design, ensuring comfort during extended sitting sessions. With its head and lumbar pillows, this chair provides excellent support, making it an ideal choice for beginners or seasoned gamers. The chair is easy to assemble and offers a fantastic option for anyone looking to invest in a gaming chair within a budget of 20000 rupees.

BAYBEE Drogo: The Ultimate Gaming Chair


  • This gaming chair boasts an ergonomic design, specifically engineered for long-lasting comfort during gaming sessions. With its vintage leather style and USB cable power supply for charging devices, it offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The chair’s robust build quality makes it an excellent choice for individuals seeking a durable gaming chair within a budget of 20000 rupees.
  • The caster wheels enable smooth 360-degree movement, while the 90 to 180-degree reclining feature allows for relaxing or taking short naps. With a weight capacity of 158kg, the chair accommodates users of various sizes. Additionally, the seat height is adjustable, and the head and lumbar pillows provide customized support for different body shapes.
  • Designed for both gaming and office use, this chair provides maximum support and comfort, minimizing any discomfort or pain. The side wings are filled with softer foam, and the bucket seat ensures optimal leg comfort.
  • The chair is constructed with eco-friendly metal, with the frame covered in hand-sewn PU leather. An upgraded LANT gas cylinder and mechanism enhance the chair’s overall functionality and durability.
  • Assembly of this product is straightforward and can be done independently. The manual provides clear instructions, and all the necessary tools are included. Typically, it takes only 15 to 20 minutes to assemble the chair. In case of any issues, the brand offers direct customer support.


  • There are no drawbacks or disadvantages associated with purchasing this gaming chair. It is an exceptional choice that offers outstanding comfort and represents one of the best options available for 20000 rupees.
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5. AeroCool Crown AeroSuede Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000
AeroCool Crown AeroSuede Gaming Chair
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The AeroCool Crown gaming chair is designed to provide the ultimate level of comfort for gamers, making it a top choice among the best gaming chairs under 20000. With its impressive range of features, this AeroSeude gaming chair offers unparalleled comfort and creates an immersive gaming environment that truly enhances the gaming experience. It stands out as one of the finest gaming chairs available in this price range.

AeroCool Gaming Chair


  • The comfort provided by this gaming chair is simply unmatched. Crafted with premium fabric and microfiber materials, it offers a luxurious feel and ensures hours of comfortable sitting.
  • The high-quality stitching adds a unique touch to the chair’s appearance, while the foam used in its construction is of superior quality, guaranteeing all-day comfort.
  • The chair is equipped with an adjustable cushion for both the head and back, allowing you to customize it according to your height and comfort preferences. Additionally, the two-directional armrests further enhance user convenience.
  • The armrests feature cushions that provide extra comfort during gaming sessions. The gaming chair is equipped with a Class-4 hydraulic gas lift, capable of supporting weights up to 150kg, ensuring reliable and sturdy performance.


  • There are no drawbacks to this gaming chair. It stands as one of the best options available in the market for gaming chairs under a budget of 20000 rupees.
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6. Featherlite “Liberate” Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs under 20000
Featherlite “Liberate” Gaming Chair
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Featherlite, a leading furniture company in the market, offers a diverse range of furniture options. Among their impressive lineup, the Liberate gaming chair stands out as one of their finest creations. Designed to provide exceptional comfort and boasting an array of impressive features, this gaming chair is an excellent choice for those with a budget of 20000 rupees. With its armrest and adjustable headrest, along with a multi-lock mechanism and class 4 gas lift, the Liberate gaming chair delivers outstanding performance. It also boasts a maximum weight capacity of 150kgs, making it a top contender in the category of best gaming chairs under 20000.

Featherlite Gaming Chair: Unleash Your Gaming Potential


  • The Liberate gaming chair features a dual-frame flexible lumbar system that provides excellent back support, ensuring hours of comfortable seating during intense gaming sessions.
  • Equipped with a two-way adjustable armrest, this chair allows you to position your hands at the optimal height for maximum gaming comfort.
  • The adjustable headrest not only protects against neck and shoulder pain but also enhances focus during gameplay.
  • The chair’s smooth finish, combined with its fabric body and unique twin-frame concept, ensures a comfortable and snug fit for gamers.
  • With its multi-lock mechanism, the chair offers balanced support and allows for various reclining positions, accommodating individual preferences. Additionally, the seat slide mechanisms and seat height adjustability further enhance customization options.
  • Built for stability and strength, this gaming chair can withstand a maximum weight load of 150kg. Its five nylon casters reduce friction during movement, and the class 4 pneumatic gas lift enables easy seat height adjustments.
  • The chair comes with a 3-year manufacturing warranty, offering peace of mind against any manufacturing defects. Additionally, the installation process is quick and easy, thanks to the comprehensive instructions provided in the manual.


  • The Liberate gaming chair is a premium product, and while its price may initially seem higher, it delivers excellent value for money. Any minor disadvantages associated with the chair are negligible compared to its overall quality and performance.
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how to choose the best gaming chair for yourself?

Are you wondering how to choose the best gaming chair for yourself? Don’t worry, we’re here to guide you through the process and help you find your perfect fit based on your interests and preferences.

The first and most crucial factor to consider is comfort. If you’re a pro gamer who spends long hours playing, you’ll need a gaming chair with sturdy features that provide excellent support for your back over extended periods.

Next, pay attention to the chair material. PU leather and PVC leather are known for their durability and resistance to wear and tear, making them popular choices among pro gamers who prioritize longevity.

While not essential for everyone, the aesthetic appeal of a gaming chair is important to gamers who value the overall look of their gaming setup. Look for chairs that come in a variety of colors and trendy designs, as they can greatly enhance the visual appeal of your gaming room.

Size matters too. Different individuals have varying body weights and heights, so it’s crucial to consider these specifications before purchasing a gaming chair. Opt for more spacious options with a higher weight capacity if you’re on the bulkier side, and look for chairs that offer adjustable features to accommodate different heights if you’re taller.

Lastly, your budget plays a significant role. If you’re a dedicated gamer willing to invest any amount for top-notch quality, go for the highest-rated models that guarantee exceptional performance. However, if you’re on a budget, you can still find gaming chairs with features comparable to high-end models. Remember, a good gaming chair doesn’t always have to break the bank; conducting a little research will help you find the best choice within your budget.

By considering these factors, you can confidently select the ideal gaming chair that meets your requirements and enhances your gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Gaming Chairs Under 20000

Is it important to only purchase expensive gaming chairs?

No, it is not mandatory to purchase an expensive gaming chair. However, investing in a good-quality gaming chair can have long-term benefits. It can enhance your gaming experience and alleviate any discomfort or pain that may arise from extended gaming sessions. Therefore, it is recommended to consider purchasing a reliable gaming chair.

What is the difference between an office chair and a gaming chair?

Office chairs are designed with the intention of providing comfort for extended work hours, typically 8 to 10 hours. They prioritize features that promote productivity and support for office-related tasks. On the other hand, gaming chairs are specifically tailored for gaming sessions, which usually last around 4 to 5 hours. Gaming chairs focus more on durability and strength, as they need to withstand intense moments during gameplay. They offer features such as armrests, lumbar cushions, and back support to ensure a comfortable and uninterrupted gaming experience. Additionally, gaming chairs often provide the option to recline, allowing users to take short breaks and relax.


In conclusion, these gaming chairs under 20,000 rupees in India offer a winning combination of comfort and affordability. What sets them apart is the variation in design and slight differences in quality. The best part is that these chairs are fully adjustable and come with easy-to-follow assembly guides. Rest assured, all the chairs mentioned in this list are top-notch choices. We hope this article has provided you with comprehensive information about the top 6 Best gaming chairs under 20000 rupees. If you have any queries, suggestions, or simply want to share your thoughts, please leave a comment below. For more gaming news and updates, stay tuned to

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