Top 5 Best Gaming Chair Under 5000 in India 2022 (Be A Gaming Pro)

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000 in India 2022 – Unbiased Review

Getting the best gaming chair under 5000 in India is worth more than a prize bond. 2022 has become the year of the Internet boom. Online personal impact and e-businesses have become a prime focus for everyone this year. Consequently, the changing trend has significantly increased the screen timing and working hours. Of course, India has warmly participated in the progress. But this hyperconnected routine has markedly affected the health condition of every 1 out of 10 Indians.

Having a strong digital presence means prolonged hours of working. Sitting on an inconvenient chair not only ruins your passion but a major distraction while working. Hence, it would be best to have an ergonomic gaming chair that is classy, comfortable, and fits your budget.

These Are The 5 Best Gaming Chair Under 5000 in India 2022

Here is The List of Top 5 Best Gaming Chair under 5000 in India 2022

Before buying anything online, it’s wise to check the reviews about that product. An honest review is a great help in making the final decision about a product. That’s exactly where the best gaming chair under 5000 in India Review comes in. So, let’s dive in to know more about the top picks by the editor without any further delay. These are the top 5 best gaming chairs under 5000 INR in India in 2022.

1. Amazon Brand- Solimo Mesh Office Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000
Best Gaming Chair Under 5000

With a classy look and a graceful matte black color, the Amazon Solimo is the first on the list. The chair has a premium quality and comes with a flat 3 years warranty. What’s amazing about this chair is that the manufacturer is offering a great limited-time discount offer. So, if you are on a really strict budget but want to get the best quality, rush to grab one. The intriguing digital mesh design is a perfect complement to your office as well as gaming room decor.

Amazingly, you are getting an all in one chair at such a reasonable price. The best part is that the manufacturer is amazon to trust the quality of the product. Besides, the chair can withstand 150 kgs or above, which is exceptionally great for a chair with this price. Furthermore, the 10 days free replacement adds to the authority and verifies the quality.

The chair has premium tensor processing units that can withstand high pressure. The 50mm caster wheels provide convenient movement. Besides, the pentamer arrangement goes amazingly with the style of the chair. The chair has a class 4 gas lift system to set the height to a level you want. Amazon Solimo is made from premium European quality fabric that is toxin-free, especially for health-conscious persons just like you.

Compelling features that make this chair a must-have for potential buyers!

  • First off, the chair has got praise-worthy spacious dimensions. For instance, it has a length of 62 cm with a complementing width of 49 cm. With a total height of 109 cm, the chair is perfect for an average height person.
  • Second, the chair has a synchro locking mechanism that comes with a fantastic single lock tilt mechanism. It adds to more safety for the user.
  • Third, the chair has adjustable lumbar support; that is, you can easily adjust it to your comforting position. The lumbar cushion is a great support that doesn’t let your back tired while doing the extensive work.
  • Fourth, the chair weighs only 12 kgs in weight and comes with caster PU wheels. This exciting feature makes it feasible for even a kid to move it anywhere in the home.
  • Last but not least is the reclining option that should never be missed. You can recline and convert this chair from working to reading or resting mode.

Some Good and Not So Good Features


  • The chair has a quick assembly, and it takes a maximum of 30 minutes to assemble the chair. The best thing is that the seller provides the assembly upon delivery.
  • Secondly, the chair comes with a 3 years manufacturer’s worry-free warranty.
  • Thirdly, the upholstery material of the chair is of premium quality breathable PU material. Hence, it won’t let heat build-up while you are working.
  • The sleek design of the backrest makes it an ideal choice for prolonged working hours.
  • The chair has passed several quality tests and can withstand up to 150 kgs weight easily. So, it ideally fits healthier persons.


  • The chair has adjustable 2D armrests, but the 4D armrests are more popular these days. But getting such an amazing chair at such a low cost is worth the deal.
  • The chair has good lumbar support, but obviously, that doesn’t compensate for a lumbar cushion.

These features make it the best gaming chair under 5000 in India. So, if you plan to get the best gaming chair in India, Amazon Solimo is the right choice.

2. Da Urban ® Miller Medium Revolving Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000
Best Gaming Chair Under 5000

Da Urban is second on the best gaming chair under 5000 in India list with a durable leathery design and a bold look. The chair has a double-layered seat for added comfort and rest. What’s amazing about this chair is the appealing, classy design and the premium quality material used. The major reason for shortlisting this chair is that it is from one of the most reliable sellers in the country’s furniture industry.

The chair has a push back tilt system that enables it to recline to any angle you want. For instance, it’s your working partner, rest buddy, and of course, reading moderator. The chair bends and tilts naturally with the body positions in a unique manner. The tilt tension control knobs safely adjust and fit the rocking chair at your desired angle. Da Urban has a pneumatic gas lift system that ideally adjusts the seat to the user’s height.

The chair has strong metallic legs with a shiny chromium base. The luxurious nylon caster wheels add to the beauty of the chair. The chair has a complete 360° swirl to give you full freedom to move in any direction you want. Multitasking has become a breeze with this amazing feature. Furthermore, the chair comes with a 6 months worry-free warranty against any defect and breakage. When looking for the best gaming chair under 5000 in India, Da Urban ® Miller is the second-best gaming chair in India. What’s best is the quality of the chair is verified by Amazon itself, as the chair ranks No. 7 in the home and office chairs.

Features that make it worth the Price

  • First off, Da Urban Miller is a medium-sized chair with spacious dimensions. For instance, the chair has a praiseworthy length of 51 cm with a width of 51 cm and 102 cm in height.
  • Second, the pneumatic gas lift gives the power to adjust the height to 5cm. Hence, it can fit according to the unique requirements of the user.
  • Third, comfortable armrests are a great addition to the chair. The handles padded to console your aching arms while working.
  • Fourth, the chair can tilt up to 125°. This feature is a great help while you rest. Besides, the rocking feature makes the chair a perfect choice for everyone in the family.
  • Finally, you need to invest in this chair because of the weight-bearing ability, the perfect 360° swivel, and the premium design is one of its types at such a reasonable price.

Some Good and Not So Good Features


  • The chair has a double-layered cushion seat that is made up of premium quality leather.
  • Second, the length of the chair is adjustable to a wide range of heights. For instance, you can adjust it up to 5 inches.
  • Third, the 360° swirl makes it ideally multitasking and fit for use in the office and home.
  • Fourth, the chair is qualified by the International quality standards test. It can easily withstand a weight of 100 kgs and more.
  • Finally, the 5 smooth caster wheels made up of high-quality nylon promise an abrasion-free movement.


  • First off, the dimensions of the chair are spacious, but the seat height is medium. It means the chair is not truly ideal for a person above 6 feet.

Da Urban Miller Revolving chair is undoubtedly another best gaming chair under 5000 in India with such amazing features. So, if you are on a strict budget but want a durable chair, this chair is surely the perfect choice.

3. World Office Furniture Bliss Chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000
Best Gaming Chair Under 5000

With amazing 5 Star reviews and the customers’ greatest comments, World Office Furniture Bliss Chair is the third best gaming chair under 5000 in India. The chair has spacious dimensions that fit a healthy person easily. Moreover, the 12 months warranty is what a buyer wants at such a price. The matte black color and an umbrella base glorify the chair. Furthermore, the premium quality nylon material complements the aesthetic look of the chair.

The chair has the basic framework made up of wood with nylon caster wheels and metal base support. In addition, the mesh back of the chair allows you to work for hours without letting heat build-up in the surrounding. The chair has a sturdy umbrella base made up of pure nylon and further strengthened by metal support. The world office chair has premium quality nylon caster wheels that ensure the wheels’ smooth and resistance-free functioning.

The assembly of this amazing chair is a breeze. It takes 20 minutes on average to just put it together, much like a professional, and it’s ready to use. The chair is highly ergonomic and provides great support to workaholics just like you. The cushion of the chair is not just some ordinary foam but premium quality memory foam. The best thing about this foam is that it distributes weight equally in all directions and is absolutely tension-free. What could be more amazing than having such distinct features at that affordable price? That’s why these features make it the third best gaming chair under 5000 in India.

Salient Features that make it worth the price

  • First off, the chair has wide and spacious dimensions that ideally support an average Indian. The 55.9 cm length and 61 cm width are a perfect combo for an ideal chair.
  • Second, the height is highly adjustable due to the latest Class 4 gas lift technology. It means you can adjust the height to a level you want, for instance, from 35-40 cm.
  • Third, the enticing matte black color imparts elegance to the chair. This chair is a masterpiece for your office and home decor. Besides, the unique blossom petal design rocks the competition with the chairs of considerably higher prices.
  • Fourth, the mesh back doesn’t let the heat build-up at the back and on the seat. Ultimately, it saves your potential and energy so that you can spend them on other things that are worth it.
  • Finally, the chair comes with additional features of reclining and rocking to ease your working experience.

Some Good and Not-So-Good features


  • Firstly, the chair is spacious and highly flexible. For instance, its unique design supports body posture while you work.
  • Second, the 2 inches thick padded seat is made up of premium quality breathable fabric. This fabric is durable as well as comfortable for long hours working.
  • Furthermore, the black and silver color together impart an aesthetic look. Besides, the stylish umbrella design perfectly complements your interior decor.
  • Next, the chair has a quick and easy assembly with a proper guide available inside.
  • Finally, the framework is not just made of some ordinary wood but premium quality teak wood. You can trust the teak wood.


  • The chair doesn’t have adjustable armrests, i.e., they are fixed. Besides, the handles are made up of tough plastic and are not padded at the upper side.

Not just these, but lots more features make this chair rank as the 3rd best gaming chair under 5000 in India. More importantly, we have been using this chair in one of our offices, and we are really happy with the great results.

4. GTB MID Back Brown Revolving chair-BT

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000
Best Gaming Chair Under 5000

With an enticing design, high-quality brown leather, back, and comfortable lower support, the GTB Mid Back Revolving chair is the fourth best gaming chair under 5000 in India. This chair is available at a fairly low price of less than 4500 rupees. The chair has a unique feature that is a captivating Brown color suitable for the people who usually don’t prefer black color.

GTB MID Back is perfectly suitable for office use due to soft padding and waterfall front edge. The soft, comfy padding brings a soothing effect to your back and prevents your spine from tightening. During the working hours, the sharp seat edge builds pressure on your back legs but having this chair with waterfall seat edges comforts your legs even after hours of sitting down. The chair has soft and sturdy armrests providing comfortable space for arms.

The chair has a reclining angle of 120-degree that marks it suitable for people with 12 hours or more working period. Sitting with the same posture for hours makes you exhausted both physically and mentally. Therefore, having this chair enables you to rest by tilting back at any suitable angle during work hours. Tilt tension mechanism and tilt lock mechanism are also present underneath the chair. The chair has an underneath lever used for the height adjustment. The chair has a heavy-duty nylon base and rolling casters that facilitate abrasion-free 360degree rotary movements. 360-degree swivels enable you to perform multiple through a chair movement. 

Some Attractive Features that make it worth the Price

  • First, off it is a low-price average chair with 30cm length, 20cm width 39cm height. It is a perfect choice for the people searching for searching for a less spacious, medium-sized, medium-sized, and low-priced chair.
  • Second, the chair is made up of soft, smooth foam covered with durable leather. It relaxes the spine and back as no air is passed through its material, so it provides a warm effect on lumber.
  • Third, the chair has a 120-degree tilting feature that helps you to lean back for the sake of relaxation. It has a 360-degree swivel ability making it the best rocking chair.
  • Fourth this chair is BIFMA approved and secure the certificate of best quality, strength, and durability. It is sturdy enough to withstand a maximum of 113kg of weight. So, it is a super choice for overweight people.
  • Last but not least, the company facilitates its buyer by providing a 6-month warranty and risk-free return within 10 days.

Some Good and Not So Good Facts


  • What we really like about this chair is the quick assembly. It takes around 15 minutes on average to assemble that chair up.
  • Moving this chair is a breeze due to its lightweight and dual caster wheels.
  • Furthermore, the chair can withstand a weight of 113 kgs that is perfectly suitable for an Indian of average weight.
  • The BIFMA certification makes it more reliable and develops trust in the purchase.
  • Finally, the chair has spacious dimensions with an alluring caramel brown color and crimper design.


  • The chair comes with 6 months, which is obviously amazing for a chair at this price.
  • The chair can swiftly relax to an angle of 120°. Though the angle is good enough, the chair’s structure is so designed that it looks dangerous.

With such distinctive features and a brilliant design, GTB MID Revolving Chair is the fourth best gaming chair under 5000 in India in 2022. You can trust the style, elegance, and quality of this amazing chair. Hence, we can say it would be a good decision to invest in such a chair.

5. Grand Biker Umbrella Base office chair

Best Gaming Chair Under 5000
Best Gaming Chair Under 5000

With a unique design, black color, pneumatic mesh, this chair deserves to be in the top 5 of the best gaming chairs under 5000 in India. Grand Biker Umbrella Base is available at an amazingly low price of less than 3500 Rupees. Furthermore, the chair has an eye-catching black color with some silver parts. It can be used as an office chair, garden chair, gaming chair, as well as your grandparent’s rocking chair.

The chair has a 2-inch thick padded seat, which is extremely comfortable for day long use. One of this chair’s best features is pneumatic airflow mesh transparent black colored mesh, which allows continuous air circulation and provides a cooling effect. It’s a gift for day-long use, especially in summer.

A revolving chair with a trendy look and a highly pocket-friendly price is what a potential buyer really wants. So, that’s exactly where the Grand Biker Umbrella Base Office Chair comes in. The chair is best for the hard-working professional in the office, active employees. This chair’s best feature is the pneumatic airflow mesh that is complemented by a 2-inch thick padded seat. The height of the chair is highly adjustable from up to 5 inches. Besides, the strong plastic armrests are so designed to be highly comfortable and support the arms while you do extensive work or gaming. In addition, the heavy-duty umbrella shape base with fantastic lumbar support is highly comforting for your back.

Salient features that make it worth the Price

  • First off, the chair has wide and comfortable dimensions, i.e., the length is 22 inches with an efficient width of 24 inches. The height is 35 inches, which can be adjusted up to 40 inches as per convenience.
  • Second, the chair weighs only 4 kg, i.e., it is super easy and convenient to move this chair from one place to another.
  • Third, the chair can withstand 100 kgs weight, so that it is ideal for an Indian of average height.
  • Fourth, the class 4 pneumatic gas lifts provide strength and greater flexibility for the chair’s height and length adjustment.
  • Finally, the 360° swivel is a perfect feature that makes it perfect for use in the office and provides the utmost comfort for a busy person in the business.

Some Good and Not So Good Features


  • The chair is a highly ergonomic co-polymer chair that has special cuts and fits to complement the body structure.
  • Moreover, the chair has a technically formulated backrest that ideally supports your spine and keeps it straight while working.
  • Third, the chair has a mesh back that is transparent black to give it a classy look and, of course, don’t let heat build-up in the surrounding.
  • Furthermore, the assembly of the Grand biker chair is a breeze. It comes with an easy descriptive guide that makes it quick and easy to assemble.
  • Finally, the seat is 2 inches extra padded to make it comfortable and relaxing while you do your work.


  • Though the chair’s features are amazing, the chair does not come with some solid warranty. Warranty brings confidence in the purchase, so the seller should add that.
  • The hand rests of the chair are unidirectional, i.e., 2D. Besides, they are not padded on the top, so that’s a shortcoming of this chair.

With all the amazing features and such an elegant design, the Grandbiker umbrella is perfectly the 5th best gaming chair under 5000 in India in 2022. Finding an ergonomic chair with such great values at such low cost is worth giving a try.

Top Pick by the Editor

Well, choosing a top pick is a great responsibility, and pride in giving the best reviews in the Industry. Our tech experts exhibit a savvy knowledge of every product that we suggest. You think about any gaming chair review; we make it happen. Our top picks show 100% dominance as they are the best in that category filter.

So, the top pick for the best gaming chair under 5000 in India in 2022 is none other than the Amazon Solimo mesh gaming chair. Furthermore, the chair has all the features that a potential workaholic or a gamer wants. We suggest this chair if you are on a strict budget but at the same time want an ergonomic premium quality chair. This gaming chair is a perfect fit for your home, office, or even your gaming studio.

End Words by the Writer

Our team has put a great effort into writing the best gaming chair in India under 5000 for your convenience. We work on the sole purpose of making your shopping experience way better than it used to be once. Online shopping has never been easy, especially in India. That’s exactly where an honest industry review by the experts comes in. We choose and suggest any product after extensive research and passing them through strict category filter procedures.

Do let us know if you want our help or comment about the above gaming chairs or any other chair. We are glad to take the honor of meeting your expectations.

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